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Core Desires = Your Law of Success by Jack M. Zufelt

Core Desires = Your Law of Success Living a life full of abundance is available to everyone — but only if they follow the laws that govern success. Far too … Continue reading

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Street Smart Sales Training Tips To Stop Costly Lost Sales…..

Sales Training Tips To Stop Costly Lost Sales….. Discover how you can quickly and easily get the priceless, secret, modern sales skills that the best salespeople jealously guard and are … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator How To Sell More Using Professional Social Networks

LinkedIn have quietly been promoting a product called Sales Navigator In essence it is simply a premium subscription to LinkedIn and by having this subscription you have access to a … Continue reading

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U.S. will hit debt limit by year’s end; Treasury can delay impact – latimes.pdf

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3 Scary Online Security Mistakes to AvoidBlog .pdf

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4 Metrics to Measure Social Media’s ROI.pdf

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Put The Brakes On Lost Sales. Get Your Lost Sales Insurance.

Lost Sales! Lost sales are very costly….very time consuming…. very frustrating aren’t they? Time to stop losing out to your competitors. Lost sales the bane of every CEO every CFO … Continue reading

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Why LinkedIn? To Maximize Your Social Sales profit potential.

Why LinkedIn for Social Sales? LinkedIn is the best available platform to reach business decision makers. That is why LinkedIn is now a major internet business referrer today. Why LinkedIn … Continue reading

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How to Optimize Social Channels For Lead Generation.pdf

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Ivor Kellock

Ivor Kellock

Business Futurist | InnovActive| Change Champion | R&D Tax Credits | 21st Century | Capital Allowance Commercial Property

Hi & welcome

I'm here to share connect & grow

"sharing is our greatest pleasure" ©

Are we in an era of change or a change of era?

I'm supporting & helping a future of compassion abundance & freedom

The remedy to unnecessary competition aggression & fear

A healthier wealthier brighter living experience for everyone

30+ yrs as a sales professional & business advisor creating positive change through knowledge sharing & enlightened consciousness

Living within our means by using 1 planet's resources not 4 or 5, tackling gender equality, inequality & sustainable living

A shared abundant future is a reality when as a majority we head in the same direction

What direction?

Let's connect & share so the clear direction comes into plain sight

I'm passionate about self organising groups that destroy management, bureaucrats & unnecessary administration & paperwork

Innovation of people process & practicalities are my key observations for an enhanced future

100% focussed on the "real economy" & a tireless campaigner against the shadow economy (banking), rent seekers (non wealth creators ie economy destroyers) & tax evaders

Why is it we live with socialism for the wealthiest 1% whilst the rest of us are manipulated to fight one another?

Are we living in an era of change or a change of era?

A change of era will be fully documented in history

Don't hesitate to get in touch & enjoy a conversation

Our difference over all the other species on our amazing planet is our ability to conceive, communicate & enjoy multifarious ideas

To enjoyment & intercourse!

Ivor ;-)

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